The Ghost Writer

On August 10, 2010 by Josh Lunden

It’s a real shame that the Roman Polanski Media Circus distracted from his latest film. The Ghost Writer deserves to be seen; it’s one of the director’s craftiest works. It is a film of undeniable old school charm and technique. Working from a script by Polanski and Robert Harris (based on his novel), the film invokes Hitchcock with its playful, rhythmic sense of suspense. And with McGregor leading the way with one of his best performances, the film’s excellent cast is given freedom to build convincing, flesh and blood characters who circle one another with paranoid sideways glances. But the real thrill of The Ghost Writer lies with Polanski’s knack for pulling taught the narrative threads and then letting each one snap back.

The Ghost Writer sports a fine transfer with almost no noticeable defects. I didn’t see the film in the cinema, but I believe the AVC transfer to be accurate to source. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix has a few moments of muddy dialogue, but is still sonically competent. Extras are slim, with only a few interview featurettes. This a “flipper disc” with a DVD version contained on side B.

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